4. desember
kl. 20:00-22:00
Upplýsingar um viðburð eru á ábyrgð skipuleggjanda

Max Milligan Photo Book Launch

Gamla bíó, Reykjavík, Höfuðborgarsvæðið

For three and a half years, Max Milligan has driven, walked, sailed, flown and ridden all around Iceland taking photographs to capture the most comprehensive pictorial study of the country as it approaches its sovereign centenary.

He uses no filter, flash nor barely any photoshop. Merely his eyes and legs and cameras. Nature and light can't be improved upon.

He sees people, wildlife, architecture, culture, landscape, seascape, moonscape and details and records these moments of looking.

He began as a documentary filmmaker for BBC and National Geographic. His books have been in The Times Top Ten Travel Books of the Year and sold at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. His work hangs in prestigious art collections such as Deutsche Bank in London.